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As Navy Moves In, Americans In Middle East Cautioned For Safety

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

K-LOVE News – by Richard Hunt

U.S. embassies in Lebanon, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates are warning American citizens of heightened tensions in the region amid escalation with Iran.

In advisories issued Wednesday, the embassies advised Americans to maintain a "high level of vigilance" and keep a low profile. The embassy in the central Asian nation of Turkmenistan, on Iran's northeast borders, issued similar warnings.

The advisories followed an earlier alert out of Iraq ordering non-essential staff to leave the country.

Tensions have been quickly rising between Iran and the United States, which has said last week it detected new and urgent threats from Tehran and its proxy forces in the region targeting Americans. Two Saudi pumping stations and two of its oil tankers off the coast of the Emirates came under attack this week.

Washington steps up the pressure

Many families are saying extra prayers as more than 6,000 Navy and Marine personnel enter the danger zone aboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group.

Here’s one mention from Facebook, name withheld:

(Facebook - name witheld) 

Below: The Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group transits the Suez Canal in Egypt. The aircraft carrier and its strike group are deploying to the Persian Gulf on orders from the White House to respond to an unspecified threat from Iran. (Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Amber Smalley, U.S. Navy via AP)


Above: Crew of U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln (USN/Laburuen)

Moscow weighs in

The Kremlin's spokesman says U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo didn't offer President Vladimir Putin any reassurances or ease Moscow's concerns over the ongoing crisis between the United States and Iran.

Pompeo met with Putin on Tuesday in Russia's resort of Sochi where he sought to alleviate some of the concerns about the spiraling tensions but made clear the U.S. would respond to any attacks on American targets.

Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday that Moscow is concerned over mounting tensions and defended Iran's actions as a legitimate response to the U.S. decision to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal.

Iran has given European countries a 60-day deadline to negotiate a new nuclear deal Tehran or it would start enriching uranium to higher levels than outlined in the current agreement.

On many occasions, Iran has threatened Israel with annihilation. If Iran has possession of nuclear weapons, there are serious fears. 

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