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Uplifting Stories For Your Friday

Friday, January 11, 2019

Prayers Answered: Missing For Months, Wisconsin Teenager Found Alive

Barron County Sheriffs Department via AP

"A lot of people have been praying daily. It's unbelievable.

Bus Driver Rescues Toddler From Freeway Overpass

Unsplash/Ant Rozetsky

A passenger then offered a coat to keep the child warm until officials arrived

57-Years Apart, High School Sweethearts Get Married

Unsplash/Lauren Richmond

“They never stopped loving each other.”

She’s Lovin’ It: Customer Gives McDonald’s Employee A Needed Car

Wikimedia Commons

Vicki Anderson’s old vehicle was beyond repair, and she couldn’t afford a replacement

Officials Award 4th Grader For Heroic Action

Joshua Joseph’s quick action helped save the life of his 6-year-old sister

Bride Shares Emotional Dance With Her Terminally Ill Father

They were determined to share this dance no matter what

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