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K-LOVE Daystarter: Stories Customized For Your Thursday

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Good morning! Bob Dittman here from K-LOVE News. It’s National Cappuccino Day. Grab a cappuccino and check out today’s Daystarter stories

Christian Woman Acquitted Of Blasphemy Freed In Pakistan

(AP/Iram Asim)

But her whereabouts remain a closely guarded secret - pray for her safety

Quotes From Billy Graham On The 100th Anniversary Of His Birth


“I have often said that the first thing I am going to do when I get to Heaven is to ask, ‘Why me, Lord?"

And while we are always on the lookout for positive, encouraging news, here’s an important story we need to pass along

Prayers: Multiple People Shot By Gunman At Southern California Venue


12 people, including a sheriff's deputy, have lost their lives

$25 Per Month: What Happens When You Add That To Your Savings

Saving a little per month can help build your emergency fund and funds for retirement

Cleaning Important During Flu Season

Here's how you can reduce the chances of spreading the virus

And Add The Showerhead To Your Cleaning Routine

(Unsplash/Abigail Lynn)

It could be a behind the scenes source of bacteria leading to lung infections

Numbers Rising: The Three-Generational Household

(Unsplash/Jessica Furtney)

Kids, parents, grandparents all under one roof has nearly doubled in the past two decades

Restaurant Comes To Stop When High School Choir Sings

Their performance of the National Anthem had people rising to their feet

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