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LISTEN: Sermons In Sign Language, Dim Lighting For Families With Special Needs

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

West Salem, WIS. (K-LOVE News - Billie Branham) A church in Wisconsin turns over a Sunday service once a month to those families with special needs. They call it God Loves You Dearly.

It can be overwhelming for people with autism or even Down Syndrome…a service with bright lights, lots of noise and lots of people. So, Prince of Peace Lutheran in West Salem hosts a monthly Sunday service that caters to anyone looking for a more accommodating setting for people with special needs.

The lights are dimmed, ear muffs are provided. The sermon is even delivered in accompanying sign language for those who need it. Some services include instruments for those who want to engage in the music but cannot sing.

Pastor Jason Shockman tells Coulee Courier, God Loves You Dearly is a new offering at the church. And they adapt each service it to fit the needs of the families who attend.

Pastor Shockman’s perspective comes from the idea that children’s noises are the light and life of the church. Prince of Peace Lutheran will host their next God Loves You Dearly service December 10th at 3pm.

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