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LISTEN: Fallen To Faith, Michael Vick Finds Redemption In Prison

Sunday, June 25, 2017
AP/Michael Perez

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (K-LOVE News – Tim Luttrell) - Quarterback Michael Vick was once one of the brightest stars in the NFL, but at the peak of his career he went to prison. He says that hard turn helped him get right with God.

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As a kid, Vick slept with a Bible under his pillow. He regularly prayed to God, asking for a chance to play college and professional football. He did both. Vick received a scholarship to play ball at Virginia Tech and after three years entered the NFL Draft to become the first overall pick, going to the Atlanta Falcons. In his first six years he made three Pro Bowls and was considered one of the best players in the game.

However, in 2007 he was exposed for his part in a dog-fighting ring and sentenced to 23-months in federal lockup. In a radio interview with “Faith on the Field’ that was featured in the Christian Post, Vick says he knew the whole time he was going through his legal troubles that God’s hand was in it.

Success had made him feel like he’d ‘made it, that he had arrived’ and chasing after money and fame became too important to him. He believes God needed to show him that he wasn’t any bigger or better than anyone else, and that the sentence was God saying "Michael, I need to humble you right now."

He spent those two years in prison reading and praying. It helped especially when he felt like he had no fight left in him. He’d read the Bible for comfort and says “that comfort came from the man upstairs." Psalms, Jeremiah, and Job were extremely important in his walk with God and growing in his faith. During this time he also asked God to give him a second chance and promised God he’d make the most of it this time.

After he was released from prison Vick got that second chance. He played seven more seasons in the NFL with three different teams. And he didn’t forget who gave him that chance, the promises that he had made to God and the responsibilities that came with it.


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