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  • Wednesday, September 20, 2017

    Did you get a terrifying email from Amazon yesterday? A LOT of people did. It was a mass email about their gift registry. Not so scary, right?!

    Oh, yes it is! Here's what it said: “Hello Amazon Customer, someone great recently purchased a gift from your baby registry!”

    Yup. Your BABY REGISTRY!

    It turns out that it was not a hack, but was a simple mistake. However, you can imagine that the internet didn't let the mistake go quietly away! One woman tweeted “Uhhh…does Amazon know something I don't know?!”

    Another simply said “Just got an email from Amazon that someone had bought a gift from my baby registry. That ship has sailed.”


    Now, this wouldn't have terrified me at all a few years ago. In fact, I would have LOVED it! But now? I am waaaay too old for that business!

    My boys are 16 and 19. Like that woman said: that ship has sailed.


  • Tuesday, September 19, 2017

    What's the best gift you've ever gotten? Maybe it was something that you wanted for a long time.

    I remember Christmas when I was 7 and I woke up to a HUGE stuffed Snoopy dog sitting at the foot of my bed! I wanted that dog forever! I freaked out! I still have it…somewhere in my garage!

    Well, Erica Walker just got the best gift of her life, and it's waaay better than a stuffed animal!

    Erica is really sick…so sick, in fact, that she was afraid she wouldn't live to see her daughter, Karli go to Kindergarten.

    Then, she got a note on Facebook from Jenny Williams. Jenny goes to Erica's church, but they don't really know each other.

    Jenny said “I have to do a little more testing, but from everything they're telling me…I'm a match to be your kidney donor.” Erica fell apart! She collapsed on the sidewalk and just cried.

    This was a huge sacrifice for Jenny! She's got 5 kids! But when Erica asked for prayer for a kidney donor at church, Jenny HAD to do something. She said “I look at my kids and can't imagine them being without a mom or even having to face the idea.”

    So, she gave Erica the gift of her life…her kidney…and saved her life!

    Jenny and Erica are doing great after the surgery and, as you can imagine, Erica is beyond grateful.

    She said “it was an amazing feeling, to know that there was somebody out there in this world who listened to God and cared enough to put themselves through a surgery like that so I could see my daughter grow up.”


  • Tuesday, September 19, 2017

     Remember playing “Oregon Trail” on your computer when you were a kid? It was a HUGE game! And the best part was that you could even call it “educational” and get away with playing it at school sometimes!

    Check it out: “Oregon Trail” is coming to Minecraft!

    My son, Alec LOVED to play Minecraft when he was younger. And the thing I loved about it as his mom, was that it IS educational…as a parent, you feel a little bit better about your kid playing video games all day!

    So, “Oregon Trail” coming to Minecraft is great news for parents…if you can break past your kids just seeing it as “that old game my mom and dad used to play” and actually get them to give it a try!