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  • Friday, June 23, 2017

     don't know about you, but I confess that I frequently feel totally overwhelmed by tragic things that are happening in the world. One of those things is the refugee crisis in South Sudan. The other day was World Refugee Day, and I learned that almost 2 million people have had to flee their homes and are finding shelter in neighboring countries.

    I can't even imagine the insecurity and chaos of having my life uprooted like that. But, what I love about God's people is that when they see a need, they step up to help.

    And that's exactly what's happening in the world's largest refugee settlement. The “church” is being “the church.” Every weekend, there are huge, open-air churches where people gather to seek God. There are no fancy lighting and sound systems, and not enough bibles to go around, but the worship is energetic and loud!

    One refugee said that the churches offer hope where it is so desperately needed.  He said “There are people who are sick, there are no drugs in the hospitals. So that's why we are praying. God should be the one to help.”

    One church leader summed it up so well when she said “The Bible teaches us to be strong, encourages us to be faithful. The solution we have seen is many people bowing down and praying.”


  • Thursday, June 22, 2017

    Some things in life just sort of creep me out. Snakes. Spiders. Those nasty leathery strings of death inside bananas. You know what I'm talking about? Those strings that cling to the banana? I feel compelled to peel them off before I eat the thing.

    I just learned that they have a name. And the name doesn't help me like them any more than I already do.

    Phloem bundles. Really. Ewwww!

    And, I'm not alone in my disgust at those nasty strings in bananas. There are whole blogs dedicated to the hatred of phloem bundles!

    But, before you hate on banana strings too much, experts do say that they are good for you and completely safe to eat.

    Now, whether they're palatable is another question!


  • Wednesday, June 21, 2017

    Today is officially the first day of summer. I don't know about you, but I have flashbacks to when I was a kid when I hear that. Remember summer as a kid? It was the best! Whole days stretched ahead of you, with nothing to do but swim, ride your bike, eat popsicles or run through the sprinklers on the front lawn.

    Sadly, it's a bit different when you're a grown-up. Summer usually means that we do the same things we do the rest of the year…it's just hotter outside while we're doing them!

    But, I thought…let's celebrate “summer” today on the official first day of summer. What's your favorite memory of summer as a kid? For me? My parents love to travel, so my favorite memories involve loading up the “Holiday Rambler” camper and green station wagon and hitting the road. My dad used to spend weeks with a huge map spread out on the dining room table, plotting out the perfect family vacation. We saw National Parks, Historic landmarks and more KOA campgrounds than you can imagine!

    I still remember that feeling when the car and camper were loaded and we pulled away from home for our big adventure! It was THE BEST!

    What about you? What's your favorite summer memory?