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  • Tuesday, February 13, 2018

    I love stories of people making a big difference in the lives of someone else.

    Trenton Lewis loves his job. He works for UPS loading trucks in Little Rock, Arkansas. Without a car he walked about three hours each way. That meant he had to start a little before midnight to get to work by 4am. He's a new dad at 21 years old and does it to support his daughter.

    This is where admiration of his co-workers come in. Patricia and Kenneth Bryant found out about his dedication and came up with a plan to help. They collected donations from other co-workers and bought Trenton a used Saturn for just under $2,000.

    They surprised him with the car and Trenton couldn't believe it was his. Now he leaves for work at 3:30am and drives. He still gets plenty of exercise loading the trucks.