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About Kelli

When I was little, I dreamed of being a Christian singer. Many hours were spent singing into my hairbrush! However, as I grew up, I became fascinated with radio and chose to study Communications in college. I was so scared during my first radio shift that I wrote out every word that I was going to say and didn’t eat all day! I loved it though; I could hang out, listen (and sing) to the music I loved, and talk with friends all day (the very thing I always got in trouble for doing as a kid!)?!

After college, I worked for a local radio station and taught theater at a Christian high school until God called me and my husband, Mark, into full-time missions work. We spent close to 5 years travelling the world, performing worship music and sharing Jesus with others. It changed my life! I came away from that experience with a deep desire to let the heartbroken and lost know that Jesus loved them.

I eventually ended up at K-LOVE in 2005 and goofed around with Scott on the K-LOVE Afternoon Show, until I moved to middays. In a nutshell, I love Jesus, my husband and 2 sons (Jarod and Alec), talking with all of you on the radio, laughing a lot, singing on the worship team at my church, wearing all types of funky shoes and eating all types of funky food!