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David Pierce
Chief Creative Officer

"I always had the mindset that for anything you want to do that you're passionate about - get in the door - get in the door and do something. And opportunity should and most likely will present itself."  - David Pierce

K-LOVE and Air1 Radio's Chief Creative Officer, David Pierce, got his first 'real' job in radio at seventeen.

It started with a phone call to Bill Young, the program director at a top-rated Top 40 station in Houston, Texas. David shared his heart for the radio industry and Bill saw some raw ability in David that made him willing to give him a shot.

Initially, David worked doing music research, calling people and playing hooks of songs which the listener would rate. This led to a weekend on-air position working with some of the top names in radio.

In 1982, David was a top “rock-jock” for Eagle 97 in Dallas, Texas. Although he had the top-rated show and attended all the industry events, he wasn't happy.

“My life was in trouble,” David says. “I was brought up with a good background and values and I knew right from wrong. I knew just enough to know I was in trouble.” He began searching for something more and eventually gave his life to Jesus.

He stayed in mainstream radio after accepting Christ, but it became clear that he had a desire to be involved in Christian radio. In 1985, David became the Program Director for KLTY, a Christian radio station in Dallas and in 1991, after a lot of prayer and planning, David moved to Santa Rosa, California and took a job with K-LOVE. He really had a heart for non-commercial radio and felt he could more creatively use his talent at a listener-supported station.

“Now I see that God opened the door for me to get great experience,” David reflects. “I'm thankful for the mainstream experience, which taught me well. That experience has allowed me to impact Christian radio."

As Chief Creative Officer, David's leadership impacts the entire ministry, including the teams he oversees:

  • Programming
  • National Events
  • Digital Media
  • Studio Technology

David celebrated twenty-five years with K-LOVE in July 2016. He and his wife, Libby, live in Northern California and have three adult children Michael, Matthew, and Karin.

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