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K-LOVE Radio is governed by Educational Media Foundation (also known as EMF Broadcasting), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit ministry. EMF Broadcasting is fortunate to have a highly knowledgeable and diverse group of business and ministry leaders who serve on its Board of Directors. Each member-at-large volunteers to serve a rotating, four-year term (with one year off between multiple terms) to provide oversight and accountability for the staff of the K-LOVE Radio network.
Click on the names below for more information about each Board member.

CEO Mike Novak Retirement Announcement

  • Board of Directors

    • Mike Novak
    • Mark Voltmann
      Chairman of the Board
    • Walter Golembeski
    • Dean Stordahl
      Vice Chairman of the Board
    • Larry Moody
      Chaplain to the Board
    • Michael Lewis
    • Mark Brannon
      Board Member
  • Executive Leadership

    • Mike Novak
    • Alan Mason
    • Mike McCall
      VP of Donor Engagement
    • Janet Cherry
      Chief Operating Officer
    • David Pierce
      Chief of Ministry Partnerships
    • Randy Chase
      VP of Radio
    • Michelle Riddell
      VP of Digital Communications
    • David Atkinson, CPA
      VP of Finance
    • Pastor Bill
      Director of Pastors and Pastoral Care